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Wings As Eagles Ministries

Isaiah 40:31

Bringing Love and Hope to Our Native Youth

Circle of Love

Breaking the cycle. Building circles.

It’s no secret that both homelessness amongst children and poverty stricken conditions amongst the people of the Lakota tribe are a major problem on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Lakota Children and Poverty in Pine Ridge:

  • 43% of all Pine Ridge children are homeless.
  • 4,000 new homes are needed to combat the homelessness situation.
  • Almost 59% of grandparents raise their own grandchildren.
  • Child abuse runs rampant amongst these First Nations families.
  • In the month of June of 2012, over 160 Native American children were removed from their homes by Child Protective Services. Of those Native American children, 140 were told that they would not be allowed to return.

There are too many Native American children left desperately in need of a loving and safe environment for permanent residence. The Circle of Love children's home planned at The Dream Center will provide for this vital need.

A Home for the Children

Wings as Eagles Ministries recognizes this need and has set out on the mission to build a permanent, residential community for the Native American children of the Lakota tribe. Their home will be called “The Circle of Love,” and its shape and nature aim to fulfill the legacy of the name.

The “Circle of Love” will be built by Wings as Eagles Ministries volunteers in a unified effort to combat homelessness amongst Native American children and poverty amongst the Lakota tribe of Pine Ridge. 20 acres of the WAEM land will eventually support 20 homes built in a circle around a central facility. The entire “Circle of Love” complex will be fenced off, gated, and guarded with direct access to The Dream Center.


  • 12 Boys or 12 Girls Living in Each
  • Home Enviroment
  • Two Full Bathrooms in Each Home
  • Providing Loving and Positive Care


  • Common Area for Tutoring and a Tutor
  • Cafeteria Serving Nutritious Meals
  • Recreational Activities
  • An On-Staff Nurse

Building will begin with the first circle of 10 children’s homes and the central facility. Would you like to know how you can get involved? We invite you to help us build! SERVE.


Pineridge YouthYoung residents of the children’s home will remain connected to tribal culture through bus transportation that will provide access to public education on the reservation during the school year. Outside of the school environment, the kids return to the “Circle of Love” to live in a positive community that provides a sense of security, safety, and love…and also, tutoring! As they approach the end of childhood, the children of the “Circle of Love” will receive support and guidance for obtaining scholarships. By setting them up for academic success, WAEM hopes to further undo the damaging effects of this negative cycle.

“When the hearts of the children change, the community will change for the better.”

We want to give these needy children a second chance at life, and the Lakota tribe is supportive of our goal. By focusing on the homeless populations of children and poverty issues of Pine Ridge, we aim to rebuild each child’s perception of his/her own future, to help them make better choices and build better communities. The “Circle of Love” children’s residential community will give us that opportunity.


Please consider helping us move towards this goal by giving a donation to Wings as Eagles Ministries. God is taking us to the next level, but we need your help to start planting this vision and bringing the children of Pine Ridge back to life! Your gift of $500.00 will help us with the cost of materials for each 7 square feet. We pray to break ground and begin the first 2200 square foot home.

It’s truly amazing what God has already accomplished through all of us…

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