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Wings As Eagles Ministries

Isaiah 40:31

Bringing Love and Hope to Our Native Youth

Secert Sorrows of The Children

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The summer was a good one. The ministry was able to help and love on many children. I would not be me if I did not also express the horrors
and sorrows I heard from some of these children’s voices. My heart was broken many times this summer from the cries and extreme
pain of these little ones.

Meth has taken its toll on the family life here even more, as it pains me to say, the common alcohol misery. Two young children lost there lives just walking on the road to gunfire this summer, as well as the abuse, sexual violence, neglect, and suicide. One boy hanging on a tree behind an old abandoned church. My hope
is that no one forgets these children suffering in silence and far, far away out of sight.

With all the many voices today and all the troubles we face as a nation and individuals, my prayer is you never forget them and we all continue to do the Lord’s will and never forget who we are nor our work here on this earth. Remember them in prayer and please pray for us as our time on the reservations has taken its toll.
Pray for full time missionaries to join us as the laborers are definitely few. We will never give up the vision nor the work the Lord planted in our souls. Hope you continue to not give up the fight along with us.

God Bless each of you and your families.

Love, Lori