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Wings As Eagles Ministries

Isaiah 40:31

Bringing Love and Hope to Our Native Youth

2016 Christmas Dream Boxes

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Over 3,000 toys are needed for this upcoming Christmas season for the Native Youth! Seniors are also in need of a gift! Help us deliver Christmas to the children and seniors on reservations in South Dakota and Wyoming! Won't you GIVE Christmas away!

  1. Select an age and gender from the list below.
  2. Shop for presents for that child based on the suggestions below.
  3. Include other things the children might enjoy! Your purchases should fit in a shoe box.
  4. Place the gifts in a shoebox or similarly sizes Rubbermaid container. Feel free to include an encouraging note. No
    personal information please!
  5. Wrap the box and lid separately in Christmas wrapping paper.
  6. Clearly indicate on the outside of the box the age and gender the gift is intended for. This is very important!
  7. Mail your box to WAEM and make sure it arrives by December 12th. After November 18, you may ship via UPS to the
    Dream Center.

By USPS, mail to:
PO Box 207
Caputa, SD 57725

By UPS ship to (After November 18):
The Dream Center on Pine Ridge
BIA Rt. 27
Porcupine District, Porcupine, SD 57772

For more information or questions email:

Ages 1-3 Male and Female Suggested Items: Toddler toys; wipes and diapers; new clothing; stuffed animals; crayons and coloring books; baby
lotion and baby soap; baby books and toys!

Ages 4-6 Male and Female Suggested Items: Matchbox trucks and cars; army men; baby dolls; crayons and coloring books; toy horses and

Ages 7-8 Male and Female Suggested Items: Crayons and coloring books; new clothing; snacks; puzzles; hats and gloves; bubbles;
colored markers; baby dolls or toys; hair clips; matchbox cars and toys!

Ages 10-12 Male and Female Suggested Items: Gloves and hats; books; board games; new clothing; watches; toys (include batteries); puzzles;

Ages 13-16 Male and Female Suggested Items: Watches; handheld video games; books; board games; sunglasses; new clothing; hair
accessories; journals; skateboards and basketballs.

Non-appropriate items: Used items (please, only new!); scissors; glue; cologne; body sprays; toxic items.