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Wings As Eagles Ministries

Isaiah 40:31

Bringing Love and Hope to Our Native Youth


There are two ways to give to charity through Wings As Eagles Ministries:

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Making Relief Donations: How Can You Give?

The power of the individual to make a difference in today’s societies cannot be underestimated, especially when you’re talking about the power of giving. When you give to charity, there is no such thing as a “small donation;” every small grain of kindness, caring, and generosity is a building block to a better future. Every large demonstration of charity brings us a giant leap closer to achieving our goal.



First and foremost, the native children of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation need your hope and prayers. With teen suicide rates 150% higher than the national average (the highest in the nation) and 38% of all Pine Ridge Lakota children living homeless, prayer is a way of reaching out and humbly asking for the divine help and compassion that these native children so desperately need.


Brian, Intern

Join us in our Christian mission to focus relief efforts right here in our own country. Wings As Eagles Ministries offers internships and volunteer opportunities for individuals and teams to serve right here on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Volunteer at the Dream Center, help us build the vision with your own two hands, and bring the Gospel to a hurting nation of native peoples. Remember: Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is a third world nation struggling to exist and survive, day in and day out, right here within the borders of our own homeland. Discover the joy of volunteering: SERVE.


Should you find yourself capable and in a position to give to charity in the form of a financial gift, monetary relief donations are the greatest blessing Wings As Eagles Ministries could possibly receive. Need is great, but the generosity and compassion of the human spirit is often greater.

Your relief donations will assist our mission to complete the Dream Center and provide the native children of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation with a fully-functioning facility—a safe haven that will meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, and economic needs of thousands living on Pine Ridge and other Native American Indian Reservations.

Yes, I can help in your effort to bring sustenance, safety, and spirituality to those in need…

As a non-profit ministry, our mission relies on financial gifts and relief donations. Your generosity in supporting this cause is our lifeline—we truly cannot do this ministry without you.


Please make checks payable to “Wings as Eagles” and mail them to the following address:

P.O. Box 207
Caputa, South Dakota 57725

Please remember that your donation is a tax deductible gift.

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Corporate Matching 

Employee Matching Funds Program

As an IRS 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity and an official relief organization in South Dakota, we qualify for matching contributions.

Across the country, hundreds of employers are encouraging their employees to give to charity and support non-profit organizations by offering to match employee contributions.  Wings As Eagles Ministries has partners who take advantage of this program to increase your financial giving.

If your company participates in the Employer Matching Funds Program with WAEM, ask for a matching gift application at work.

If your company DOES NOT participate, we encourage you to speak to your employer about a matching program with Wings as Eagles Ministries.

Wings As Eagles Ministries adheres to the standards set by its Board of Directors for financial accountability. Outside yearly audits are completed through an accredited CPA firm with special expertise in non-profit ministries and churches.

WAEM is listed on the charity website Just Give.  You can read our report here.

WAEM is listed on the charity website Guidestar.  You can read our report here.

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